Not in every country there are purely private islands for certain high-end people. Because of this, Fisher Island, considered an island in the vicinity of Miami and South Beach, is perceived as a piece of land for millionaires on their vacation days and business trips.

For that reason, the Fisher Island site will offer the best recreational facilities in terms of golf courses, tennis center, private schools, exclusive spas and major dining establishments. In any case, the island is home to more than 700 families from all over the world in the variety of properties in the surrounding area.
However, we will talk about the diversification that is experienced in Oceanside on Fisher Island. Due to the fact that it is known as an exclusive area that brings the guarantee of a solid well-being when residing. For this reason, condos in Oceanside, for the purpose of renting are regularly offered for their characteristics in their space and exterior of the island in Miami.

First of all, Oceanside is characterized as a distinctly exclusive community on Fisher Island. Simply put, it takes on European qualities in every wall and floor finish in its Oceanside condos. Likewise, your properties enjoy private access to the beach and a spectacular view across the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.
After all, next to the condos in Oceanside you will have truly manicured greenery and designs by great landscapers. On the other hand, the surrounding area will have security guards and police forces that will be on the lookout for any improper situation.
On the other hand, the most relevant aspect of the condominiums in Oceanside will be mentioned regarding their internal space. Mainly, they will feature marble floors, units decorated with European and Mediterranean styles, granite kitchens with high quality appliances and wrap-around balconies with views all over Miami.

Possibly, when you go through the process of renting a property, it is important to highlight the amenities of nearby services. For that reason, it will be recognized that Oceanside will provide beautiful trails for biking, planning picnics and spending time with your pets on a warm sunny day.
However, as you might expect, Fisher Island generates its popularity through its beach soul, simply by having the entrance to a totally private beach and sand imported from the Bahamas. In addition, it involves pool areas with billiard rooms to sustain the entertainment.
Also, Fisher Island to Oceanside condos provide a fire station, the best medical facilities, banking institutes and dog parks near schools for preschool and high school.


Undoubtedly, Oceanside has demonstrated all its features in the above mentions. Thus, it will be understood what steps should be followed to proceed in renting condos in Oceanside and what kind of documents are requested. Therefore, the following will be requested:

  • Any person wishing to rent condos in Oceanside must be of legal age.
  • Have a valid passport or ID card for the duration of the contract process.
  • To deliver an income certification to support the payment itself to manifest the election of the rent in the condominium as owner.
  • To take into account a rent guarantee, which will cover the owner and the dwelling, in case the contract is not fulfilled. Therefore, the tenant must propose two guarantees as to the real property title, bank guarantee, surety insurance, surety bond guarantee and a personal guarantee.
    In all rental property processes, these guidelines will be addressed, so that the owner of the condominiums in Oceanside will apply the rental process as safe as possible. In that way, a contract will be shown to adjust the conditions of the rental value, the month of deposit, the services and the term for the signature of the contract.
    Finally, it will be added that when finalizing the contract for the rent of the condominiums in Oceanside, the terms, the cost, the period and the place for the corresponding payment will be defined. In this way, the tenant will be able to obtain all the disposition of the property as long as the established contract is fulfilled.
    Even so, to know the variety of costs of condominiums in Fisher Island, specifically in Oceanside, you enter the established web page.