Surely you have heard this term but you did not know what it was or why it is so relevant today, so today we will tell you exactly what it is, what they are and what benefits you find in a Townhouse.

What does this expression mean?

The literal translation of townhouse is; semi-detached houses, but to be understood punctually, it refers to a building that is attached to others with which it shares one or more side walls, a trend that is gaining more relevance today thanks to the advantages they have.

Why is it in trend?

The high prominence that this new housing model is having in the real estate world is due to the fact that it is one of the most feasible and recommended solutions when you want to invest in a house, but share certain spaces to make effective cost savings.

The also called “horizontal apartments” do not have a free space between one and another space as traditionally happens in conventional houses or condominiums, since these are distinguished by sharing walls.

How do I know it is the ideal place for me?

These modern residences are usually aimed at the market of those looking for their first home, from young couples, to those who enjoy their bachelorhood or young families who want to face the new world of having their own property without abandoning their habits.

Another of its benefits is to share spaces such as common areas, in addition to cleaning services, garbage collection, constant surveillance, garden care and other agreements that can be had with neighbors.

Are all Townhouses luxury?

Although this type of properties are not necessarily luxury, it is worth mentioning that the aesthetic harmony of this type of properties also becomes another of the benefits, since they have explicit guidelines for their construction and exterior decoration that allow a similarity between the properties that comprise it.

How can I find an offer that interests me?

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