Whenever we talk about Miami, we always think of its incredible beaches, those tourist places that have become the cradle of many Latinos and, generally, we recognize it as one of the most emblematic cities to visit and vacation; however, Miami has other magical places like Fisher Island.

Never heard of it? Here we tell you what it is

Fisher Island is an exclusive island located south of Miami Beach. There you will find clubs and luxury hotels that will offer you a five-star service. Therefore, many people have started to consider this island in their investment list. At that point the question arises…

How profitable is it to invest there?

The answer is simple: it is very profitable, although we must keep in mind that the higher the profit, the higher the investment; that is to say, to think about buying a property on this island, it is necessary to plan exactly what you want to carry out and the expectations you intend to fulfill.

How luxurious and exclusive is this place?

The island has an average resident income of around $2.000.000USD; besides, being such an exclusive island, it offers a series of luxury services such as private beaches, beach clubs, restaurants, golf courses, spa and tennis courts.

What should I consider when making my decision?

Before investing, you must take into account that, to be part of the Fisher Island Club, you must contribute a one-time capital of $250,000USD and $22,256USH annually. This is done after the residents have purchased a condominium on the island that can cost more or less $3,000,000USD.

What other differential does Fisher Island have?

It is worth noting that Fisher Island is composed of 5 main sectors: Bayview, characterized by its majestic sunset; Bayside, recognized by the ocean display; Oceanside, the best place to appreciate the ocean and luxury condominiums with incredible terrace, Harborview, where the best yachts can be appreciated and Seaside, a place that rescues elegance and casual style.

In conclusion, the concept of this paradisiacal island goes beyond what people look for in Miami, since it offers a unique lifestyle that makes visitors enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and relax with the feeling of being part of a fantasy island. That is why it is so advisable to invest in this place, especially if you are thinking about your own space to fill it with luxury and elegance.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that, in order to make this investment, it is natural to have many questions about it. Therefore, we invite you to clarify all your doubts by clicking here so that you have a place of confidence that will make your investment safer.