There is a very special county in Miami, one that brings together the best of the sea, tourism and the city. It is called Sunny Isles Beach and is located northwest of this splendid city. In this article you will learn all the details of this great option to invest in your property.

An unparalleled beauty

Sunny Isles Beach has been recognized as the place with the most richness and natural beauty in Miami, since these islands are surrounded by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and it is constantly being reconstructed to make every natural detail acquire much prominence.

A luxury destination

We know that Miami is one of the most touristic American cities of all and has become one of the main investment epicenters for the real estate market. Therefore (as we mentioned before), thanks to its great construction activity, day by day it is getting stronger as a luxury destination, turning its main hotels into places full of elegance and class.

With many parks to enjoy

One of the most striking features of Sunny Isles is that it has a wide variety of parks, some of them are: Intracoastal Park, Oceania Park, Senator Gwen Margolis Park, among others. Most of them are surrounded by a beautiful coastal view and many trails for walking, jogging and even fishing.

Shopping galore!

Just as there are parks, in Sunny Isles you can also find many shopping mall options with restaurants, stores, supermarkets, food chains and much more for you to buy everything you need. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best gastronomic flavors in these shopping malls.

Unforgettable beaches!

This is perhaps the most impressive differential of Sunny Isles compared to other Miami counties: its magical beaches, recognized for their natural beauty where tourists and residents have the opportunity to practice extreme sports in the water or relax peacefully under the sun.

And best of all: unbeatable prices!

Living in Miami is more than an investment, it becomes an experience! And without a doubt, one of the best places to do it is in Sunny Isles. There you can find a wide variety of properties: apartments, houses, condos and even luxury properties. In this way, you will see that the costs are consistent with the offer.

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